DIY Beaded Bar Necklace

Happy Monday all! A couple weeks ago I finally got around to making this beaded bar necklace that I had bought supplies for last June (!) on my road trip to Nova Scotia. I just love the simplicity of bar necklaces. The coral-pink glass beads I used are so pretty! This diy was also super quick – it only took me about ten minutes to make it.
P.S. How lovely is this gilded china plate from my granny!?
Materials needed are: small glass beads, chain, jump loops, a clasp, and some wire.
Prepare your necklace by measuring the chain to the length you wish, cutting it in half, and adding the jump loops and clasp to one end of both cut chains. To make the bar, loop the wire around the opposite end to the jump loop of the chain. Twist the wire loop to secure it’s place. String on as many  beads as you’d like. Finish the necklace off by twisting a wire loop at the end of your beaded bar to the other end of the chain necklace.
So easy and pretty! Have a wonderful week and take time to make something that makes you happy!

DIY Mini Gift Box

Hello friends! I can’t believe we are almost to the middle of February…Spring will be here before we know it. I’ll admit that I am so ready for warmer weather! It is hard to be motivated to work on my school assignments (or anything!) when I all I want to do is curl up in blankets with a good book and a hot drink. However, with the constant producing of work for school, I recently felt the urge to create some content for the blog. I honestly love crafting, styling and photographing for this little place on the web! So here is a diy for you, from me. Happy Valentines day! 
What you will need is a cardboard paper towel roll, card stock, adhesive for gluing it altogether, and anything else you’d like for embellishment. 
Cut the roll down to the size appropriate for your gift – mine is 1 inch tall. Cut the ring for the lid shorter than the base ring. Slit the ring for the lid so that you can make the width of the ring/circle smaller than the base (see example in the ‘materials needed’ photo.) This allows for your finished box to easily and snugly close. Cover the tube in pretty materials such as velvet ribbon and patterned washi tape.
Next, cut out a card stock base and top, then adhere them to the rings. I covered the tubes’ exterior in card stock as well.  If you like, embellish the box with patterned paper (how pretty is that metallic gold paper?!), glitter dots, or anything else! 
Lastly, fill with a special gift for a special person…Maybe handmade jewelry, cinnamon hearts, or a chocolate truffle? 
Have a lovely week friends! 

Morning Pondering

Hello friends, long-time-no-post! :) Walking home from the gym early this morning I was smiling as I realized that I’ve found myself in a routine at school and I’m not nearly as tired as I was the first couple of weeks. It is going well!

Something I’ve been learning as I am being immersed in projects is that in order to be an artist, designer, or creator in general you must constantly have your eyes on the lookout for inspiration everywhere. In order for me to productively produce project after project, week after week I need to have a supply of ideas for colour combos, lines, shapes, textures, compositions, and more! Also, Pinterest doesn’t cut it for me –  it can be more of a productivity block then an inspiration source as it wastes precious time! I’m finding myself flipping through books and magazines in the library, pulling out my camera to snap photos often, and jotting ideas down on everything. I’m sure, like my schedule, I will find a routine for creative projects. So I am genuinely interested, can you pinpoint things that fire you up? What are your sources for creative inspiration?


My family and I flew down to Colorado for the last week of August. We were visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousins who live there and are surrounded by so much nature. We hiked up mountains, drove through canyons, took too many photos of the endless, gorgeous and ever changing skies, and did some delicious cooking over a campfire! I can for sure say we all had an amazing time and our expectations of Colorado were blown away.

Some Places We Went and Loved

  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs
  • Chipotle! 
  • Navigators Castle, Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs
  • Pikes Peak
  • Hoursetooth Rock hike, Fort Collins


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