Cobweb Valentine

This tutorial on making a Cobweb Valentine was and still is one of my most popular posts.  However, I made a big mistake and deleted many of the pictures!  Now when ever someone looks at it I feel bad that so much is missing!  So I decided to make another one! You can find the full tutorial, with lots of pictures here.


This beautiful Cobweb Valentine from Martha Stewart is so easy to make!

You will need,

The template, found at

A craft knife.

Self-healing cutting mat.

Paper, I’m using two sided, decorative card stock.

Thread and needle.



A ruler.

And whatever embellishment you like!

First Step:  Cut the template in half along the dotted line.

Step two:  Fold the card stock over, enough to cover half the template. Lightly tape one half of the template to the paper. Make sure the center of the heart is against the fold of the card stock.

And yes, those are pink cats in pajamas on the other side of the paper!

Step three:  Using your craft knife, cut along every line. Make sure that you get right through all three layers!

Step four:  Pop it out!

And stretch!

Step five:  Cut some hearts out of your card stock.  Thread them together and tie at either end of the hearts. Tie it to the top heart of the cobweb so that it hangs from the inside.

Step six:  Cut out a heart slightly bigger than the cobweb heart. Glue or stitch them together around the edge.

And there you have it! A beautiful valentine for that special someone!

This is not my design, I do not own anything! I just made it following the instructions on and am sharing it with you all!  So please, all  credit goes to the designer Jocelyn Worral, and rights to Martha Stewart Living.

9 thoughts on “Cobweb Valentine

  1. Thank you for the pictures showing the cobweb card method. Saw Martha do it on TV but wasn’t paying close attention. Went online and have purchased materials but haven’t started yet. Read the directions, which without your pictures I would have had a difficult time with, and will begin this week.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. I think I might have been able to do it from Marthas site but you have made it so much better . Thanks again!!!

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