DIY Friday: Kleenex Holder

It’s Friday! Time for another DIY craft!

Lately my purse has been cluttered with loose Kleenexes.  It seems like I have had so many colds this year!

So I made this cute, little, envelope, Kleenex holder to try and gain some organization!

It is such a simple, everyday thing, but when you take the time to embellish it, you can make it extra special!

To make it, you will need

Can you tell I have been having fun photo editing lately?!

Step 1:  Using a ruler and pencil, mark the lines on the wrong side of the fabric as shown in the picture.

Step 2:  On the right side of the fabric sew the beads on as desired.

Make sure that you only sew the beads in the 1 1/4 by 4 inch rectangular strips.

Step 3:  When finished beading, position the wrong sides of the two 6 by 6 inch fabrics together.  Back to back.

Step 4:  Fold about a quarter of the 1 inch ends over and sew securely down using your machine.

Step 5:  Then fold those same ends over again.  Creasing at the one inch mark.  Pin in place.

Step 6:  Bring the 4 inch sides to the center, folding the  1/2 inch ends in and under.  Pin securely.

Step 7:  Lastly, hand stitch all four folded ends to the back.  Creating a pocket down the center.

The instructions may look quite difficult, but it actually is very simple when you sit down and do it!

Your sweet comments make my day a whole lot sunnier! Thank you!

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