DIY: Chicken Wire Basket

Last night I was having fun crafting this Chicken Wire Basket.  It was a little fidgety, but the results were worth it!


Begin by cutting your chicken wire to the desired size.  Shape wire into a cylinder and bring the ends together.

Twist the wire to secure with pliers.  Trim the end if needed.

If you want you can paint it using spray paint.  I used and interior-exterior paint that said it works on wire.

Next, cut two circles from cardboard slightly larger than the ends of the basket.  Also cut two one inch strips.

Using a glue gun, securely glue the strips around the edges of the circles.

After the glue is dried use mod podge to glue some pretty patterned paper on the top and the sides of the cardboard.

Do both of the cardboard pieces.  One will be used as the bottom of the basket, the other will be a lid.

I spray painted the inside of both the top and bottom for a finished look. Then I glued the cardboard circle to the chicken wire with the glue gun.

I think it is going to be great for storing some of my craft ribbons!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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