DIY 2012 Printable Calendar

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This past week I had been looking for a pretty printable calendar, after not having much luck I decided to design my own!  After printing and doing a little crafting with it, I think I like how it turned out!

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Stiched with love calender The Embellished Nest

Click on the image to the left and download it to your computer.  Print 12 of them for your calendar.

*Note: Please use calendar design for personal use only.

    When printed, cut the top so that there is about an inch and a half of extra paper above the days of the week.

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    Next I cut a background piece out of canvas paper, but you could use any heavier material.  Then I had fun decorating it with paint, stamps and and other materials.

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    You can really do the background anyway. Love patterned paper? Well use patterned paper! Just make it your style!

diy calendar
Using a ruler, place a dot every centimeter across the top of your printed calendar.  Then makes those dots into holes by using a push-pin into a cork board. Go through all 12 stacked papers with the pin.

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After your background and holes are finished, position your calendar on the background and sew them together through the holes.  I sewed one way and came back again the other way.  Also, go ahead and write in the dates of each month!

diy printable calendar
And there you have it, a pretty calendar made by you!  After each month all you have to do is rip the finished page off and start fresh with the one under.

Have a great weekend!

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