DIY Folding Scrapbook

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share a fun project with you!

A couple of years ago I went through a scrap-booking craze! I know lots of people still scrapbook, but I just found that I would spend to much time agonizing over every page (I was kind of a perfectionist!), I also spent more money than I probably should have, and I hardly ever look at them!

However, I had a couple of my favorite photos lying around and so I thought I would make them a book. I learnt how to make these folding scrapbooks awhile ago and I think they are fun! Hopefully I can explain it well to you all. If you have any questions please ask!

1. Fold a 12 by 12 inch piece of cardstock in half, then open it up and fold it in half the other way. Also fold one edge to the opposite. You will need to do this to three pieces of cardstock. Tip: a bone folder really helps in making clean folds!

2. Using a glue stick attach each piece of card stock to the next by gluing the square corners (that have not been folded in half) together

3. Cover two slightly larger than 6 by 6 inch squares of sturdy card board (I used a cereal box) in fabric or paper and attach them to the end cardstock squares with double sided tape.

And that’s all! See below for more step-by-step pictures and how to make the tassel closure (you bet I’m still feeding my obsession with tassels!).

Note: the squares folded in half should fold in easily to the sides as shown in the bottom right picture above.

When glueing the three cardstocks together make sure that the middle piece is facing the opposite way. As you can see from this picture the middle piece is facing downward and the sides pieces upwards.

Here’s how to make the closure: Cut three strands of embroidery thread the length of your one hand to the other hand. Gather these together, fold them in half, and tie a knot to create a loop (top left). Braid the
strands until it is long enough to wrap around your folding book. Cut as many loose strands as you want your tassels thickness to be and fold them in half. Lastly tie the braid around the top of the folded strands to create a tassel!

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