DIY Kate Spade Inspired Bow Necklace

I think a bow is such a cute accent to an outfit! Seeing that I don’t have $80+ to purchase this cute Kate Spade necklace (pinned here), I thought I’d gather my craft supplies and DIY a bow necklace!

Step 1: Tie a small bow with ribbon. Choose a ribbon similar to the color of your glitter.

Step 2: Dip your bow into fabric stiffener. I gave mine four coatings and quickly dried it in between with a hair dryer. Bow will hold it’s shape, but still have a bit of bend in it.

Step 3: When completely dry dip the bow into a glue that will dry clear. Cover in glitter and set down to dry. Once dry, shake excess glitter off and give it one more heavy coat of glue.

Step 4: When the second coat dries add a small jewelry jump loop and chain to the bow.

There it is! Cute, simple, and so very Kate Spade preppy. :)

I’m linking this up to the Pinterest Challenge, hosted by Emily, Renee, Sherry, and Katie. Check out all the fun project being linked up Wednesday!

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