Ink Pad Techniques {Printable Postcard}

Today, as part of my card making series, I have a printable postcard for you. I designed a simple postcard so you can have fun embellishing it! Also I have two technique ideas that you can do with any ink pad (other than rubber stamping with it).

Start by downloading the .pdf file and printing off the postcard onto thicker than normal card stock, watercolor paper works well. When printed cut it out either on the lines or around the lines if you want a boarder.

1. When paper crafting I love to give white papers a pop of color in an unexpected place, the edges! I simply slide the ink pad along the edge all the way around – this works great on thick papers. I used bright coral for my postcards, but my favorite is gold which looks gorgeous.

2. Aside from the clean up I love making cards. To minimize mess I will often use the ink for a watercolor look, then I don’t have get all the watercolor supplies out. To get the watercolor look lightly wet a paint brush and brush some ink onto it, then paint the ink onto the paper. Use a little bit more water if you want to soften the edges.

Lastly, have fun embellishing both sides of the postcard! Remember to securely glue everything on as you don’t want pieces falling off in the postcard’s journey through the mail. :)

Your sweet comments make my day a whole lot sunnier! Thank you!

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