Double DIY: Linen Pin Board + Chevron Wall Art

Hey everyone! Quite a few months ago I made the above pin board inspired by Restoration Hardware ones.  I really liked their look of the white frame against gray linen and wanted to recreate one for myself! I did and it was simple and easy, so I thought I would share the three steps with you!

Pin Board How To:

Step 1:  Find a large frame for your pin board. Sand the frame down and paint it with two white wash coats. Make the white wash by doing a mixture of half paint and half water.

Step 2: Cut a piece of cork board to fit inside your frame. Next cut a piece of linen and wrap it around the board. Staple the linen to the cork.

Step 3: Lastly, position the fabric covered cork into the frame and secure it into place.

DIY Wall Art

Back in November 2011 I created a tutorial for creating a chevron patterned painting. I’m pretty sure it has been my most popular post. I guess you all thought it was something you could easily do yourself as 80+ of you left kind comments and, just recently, HGTV featured it on their blog Design Happens. I loved it too! It was a fun project, but after living with it for three years I was ready for some fresh art! So I did another one using colors I’ve been obsessed with for forever, purple and navy blue all the way people (I’m not sure why I used orange as I’ve never really been a fan!).

Step 1: Create a pattern using masking tape on canvas.

Step 2: Use acrylic paints to dab and brush your colors of choice onto the canvas, covering everywhere.

Step 3: I like a little gold sparkle, so after painting I took it outside to give it a light splatter-spray of gold spray paint in certain areas.

Step 4: When dry, carefully peel the masking tape off to reveal the clean white spaces.

For further instructions and photos check out the original tutorial here.

Your sweet comments make my day a whole lot sunnier! Thank you!

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