DIY Beaded Medallion Bracelet

Hi everyone! Remember a couple weeks ago I said I wanted to post on a more regular schedule? Yep, that so did not happen! Life got busy (maybe I’ll share a little personal update later). I am still on my jewelry making kick, so today I have a pretty beaded medallion bracelet tutorial for you.

You will need: Some circles cut from felt (I put them in fabric stiffener, but after doing it I didn’t think it was necessary), beads of different sizes, chain, thread, and a needle.

Step 1 is to begin sewing your beads onto the felt. Start with a bead in the center and work your way around that first one. Finish it off with a knot at the back to secure the beads. If you have any excess felt, carefully trim around the medallion with scissors.

With lots of thread work your needle through the felt backs and string the medallions together. When you get to the end stitch on the chain, make sure that it is on securely. Then work your way back through the medallions to thread the other end of the chain on.

This was such a fun project to make! I’ve got some other bead patterns in my head that we’ll see if I can find the time to make! Though I do find beading relaxing, so maybe I should make the time for it. :)

Your sweet comments make my day a whole lot sunnier! Thank you!

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