Nova Scotia Road Trip

At the end of July my sister, friend, my friend’s mom, and I road tripped to Nova Scotia. The trip was so much fun and I always learn so much when traveling. Going there we went through Quebec, Quebec is mostly French, so it was an experiance reading the road signs, listening to the radio, and visiting gas stations. I have it on my travel bucket list now to cycle along the Saint Lawrence river, driving beside it was lovely, but biking it would be amazing! New Brunswick has so many little wooded mountains ranges that I was not excepting. The east coast of Canada is seriously beautiful, every sight is so picturesque. On this trip I was awed at Canada’s beauty and I gained a desire to explore more of the great country I live in…Now for the west coast! 

Places we went and things we did:

  • Drank Chai Lattes at the Lehave Bakery
  • Hiked to The Ovens caves, Lehave, NS
  • Sailed on the Eastern Star, Lunenburg
  • Shopped in Lunenburg and visited the “Etsy” style shop, Dot’s & Loops.
  • Thrifted at Frenchy’s 
  • Walked on the ocean floor, Flower Pot Rocks, Bay of Fundy, NB
  • Visted Peggy’s Cove and the surrounding fishing village. 

Your sweet comments make my day a whole lot sunnier! Thank you!

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