DIY Patterned Tape

Washi tape is definitely my favourite craft supply, it makes everything so much prettier! I remember making magazine stickers at the summer camp I worked at and had the idea to make some “sticker tape” from patterns clipped out of magazines. I simply enjoy my time crafting, so going the extra mile to make my own tape from some very pretty patterns was lots of fun for me!

Start by finding and cutting out strips of patterns found in magazines.

Next, carefully smooth packing tape on so that it covers the entire top of the magazine clipping.

Then cut it into the shape you would like your tape to be. Use a bone folder or your nail to firmly go over the entire sticker a couple of times – adhering the tape to the clipping’s ink.

Place the tape into a container filled with warm water for approximately 5 minutes. When you remove them from the water you should be able to easily peel the back paper from the tape. The ink pattern will be left on the tape and when dry the stickiness should return. Have fun decorating cards and envelopes, school supplies, and more! I found that with some pieces I needed to add a bit of extra stickiness from a glue stick to help with the adhering, but overall they turned out beautifully!

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